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Warranty & After Sales Services

At HIENERGY our after sales service, and customer relationships do not end with the conclusion of a transaction, but are maintained for a product’s entire duration of use.

We believe services realised after the sale are decisive in a solar energy project’s success or failure. Thus, in addition to correctly instructing on operating and maintaining the system, we provide training to care for the solar project. Our valuable customers must see that they are not left alone with their technical problems. When solar technology fulfils customers’ expectations day in and day out, they are satisfied with their investment. With HIENERGY, our customers now have a reliable partner, someone who is capable of carrying out repairs and providing replacement parts as and when required.

At HIENERGY, we are happy to announce that we offer a 25-year production warranty that translates to a mechanical warranty for the first 12 years and a structural warranty for the next 10 years. Additionally, we provide operations and maintenance support and support services free of charge. The usual 5 year warranty can be extended to cover 20 years when it comes to the inverter. We possess a fully equipped expert maintenance team. Our customers can rest assured that an international supplier's insurance backs HIENERGY against bankruptcy or loss.

25 years production warranty

First 12 years mechanical warranty

Structural Warranty 10 years

Operations and Maintenance Support; 1st year of commissioning support services FOC.

5 years Inverter Warranty, can be extended up to 20 years

We have a fully equipped expert maintenance team

Backed by an international supplier insurance for bankruptcy or loss

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