We have been given abundance of energy to use from.


We have the capability to provide you with the best energy available at the best prices.  We offer both European and Chinese solution without compromising on quality to suit your needs.


Net metering was introduced by the government in 2010 to give an opportunity to empower people to become self-sufficient in energy. We want Sri Lanka to be self-reliant on energy.


The cost of energy makes a person spend hundreds of thousands rupees a year. We offer solution that will give a payback between 4 to 5 years.


Our systems come with the industry standard warranties backed by quality products with the best prices in the market.


We have gone around the world to get the best quality products to match the best prices.

“Best Value for Money”


We offer Norwegian panels by “Renewable Energy Commission (REC)” which are made in Singapore

One of the top 5 manufacturers in the world

One of best in class solar to electricity conversion

Best suitable for  high temperatures

Up to 25 years energy production warranty at 80% capacity at 25 years

One of the highest quality control over panel manufacturing in the world

One of the best Company stability reports among solar companies


We offer the best in class inverters made by SMA and KACO both of which are manufactured in Germany

One of Biggest manufacturers of string inverters in the world

​One of the best in class efficiency

Available increased security through 25 year warranty

Comes with online system monitoring included in the price package

You can view your house production from the other corner of the world

Real time energy production analysis



We also offer of the best Chinese brands on the market “Renesola”

One of the newest technologies in the market.

Allows better control of the solar modules.

Compact size and give online monitoring capabilities.

Third biggest Chinese manufacturer in the market.

Comes with 10 years warranty.

Higher quality control over complete manufacturing cycle.


If you have shaded roof or want better production, this product is definitely for you. Simple device with lots of things to offer from U.S. Tigo is a US company who have pioneered power optimizers.

Accelerate System Payback and Maintain best–in-class conversion Efficiency.

Maximize the power output of individual modules and keep the system at peak performance throughout its lifetime.

Introduce an unprecedented level of safety for new and existing PV solar installations.

A US brand and one of the world’s biggest suppliers of power optimizers.

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